Testing the Latest Blender

After I re-installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to 64bit, the latest, greatest Blender (version 2.66) got placed in the repositories for downloading–just in time. I took a few moments this afternoon to play with some of the new features in Blender, and now that I have the 64bit platform going, cranking up my RAM, so that renders are not as painfully slow as they were before, life became even sweeter.  The harshness of knowing that my ATI graphics cards is as useless as a fly trying to suck blood from an Egyptian mummy is gnawing at my self-esteem on every render—not much improvement in performance with it. Blender is set up for the Nvida graphics card, and one can render in GPU (much, much faster), instead of using your CPU to do the rendering with. So anyways, here are Two images that I just rendered.

Blender Render of Mountain LOGO Feb 23 2013a

The above image is just using the Blender Render engine. Notice how the light interacts with the mesh object and materials.

Cycles Blender Render of Mountain LOGO Feb 23 2013 a

This image is done in Blender Cycles. You can see that the light behaves totally different as it interacts with all the objects. Under the clouds, light is seen reflecting underneath them, almost what you would expect in real life. I only rendered it to about 600 Blender Cycle Units for time’s sake, but the resolution can be greatly improved by setting the render value as high as I have RAM for.

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