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With just a few weeks left to go before this miserable season is over, I thought would poke fun at our winter here in the West Coast. Also, thought I better get in another couple of quick posts before February is over and done with too just to even the month out. I usually slack out on posting this time of year, so I try really hard to post, even when I do not feel like it.

Ice Tom FEB 27 2013 a

I was watching a tutorial on how to make melting like text in Blender, and thought I would do up my name and add this effect to it. So, here is my name, represented in melting ice, which I think is fitting for this time of year. As we move closer towards spring, all that winter “yuk” starts melting away–here it is depicted in my “melting text.’.

OK, poking fun at our winter here in Vancouver, or Fort Langley.

What winter?

This has been one of the brownest winters to date over here. We are so damn lucky compared to my friends back East that it is not even funny anymore. Right now, my friends in Toronto are in the middle of storm number, 5, 8, 10…? I lost count, but I feel for them with all that snow, freezing temps, and Grey. Here, it has been mild/warm, actually dry compared to past Februaries, although we do get rain, it has been light this year. Seeing Texas (in the U.S.) getting a massive dump of snow just does not seem right when we are basking in a nice, but cool, sunny day here in Vancouver.

I guess we really messed up this planet’s environment/climate.

The good news, spring is on its way!

* I rendered this image using Blender.

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