Welcome Aboard the Pineapple Express

Yesterday when I heard on the news that we were in for some rain, our famous Pineapple Express, I thought, “hoo-hum, another little sprinkle of rain…” like we what usually get, “…oh well.” And hearing the rain through the night did not sound any different than the rain we get this time of year, but waking up this morning, and seeing my driveway covered with dirt and gravel from the washout just metres past my place up on the hill, was shocking. And when I drove past the little creek to get to the main road, that little creek was a lake ready to flow over the road.

The Pineapple Express has lived up to its reputation this time. And to think that we have One more night of it until it clears. So, Twenty-Four more hours of soaker time.

The Pineapple Express is a storm system that pulls air from over the Pacific, mainly starting over the Hawaiian Islands, and streams the hot air (with moisture) up to Canada, into the West Coast of British Columbia. With these storms, we get very high temperatures for this time of year, along with super amounts of rain and wind. This storm, we are expected to see of upwards to One Hundred Millimetres of rain in Seventy Hours. This storm, the rain comes in waves: clear-calm-quiet one moment, then a torrent of rain lasting anywhere from Twenty minutes, to none stop, full-out, lasting for hours.

When I got home from work, the road crew had just finished clearing the last bit of mud and rocks from the road. I could see where the washout was, just a little ways up from my driveway, so I was lucky that my section of the road was speared, or I would have called in a Storm-Day at my work. Tomorrow I will walk to it and take a bunch of photos. We are still flooding, so lots of flood photos too.

Hey, at least it is warm out!

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