The Ditch Runneth Over

I was raking up the twigs and pine-cones that littered my driveway from all the wind and rain, the ditch the follows the street I live on had just a trickle of water flowing down it. Within the span of One hour’s worth of downpour, the ditch was almost overflowing its banks. The rain drops were bouncing off of the ground by at least 30cm! This marks day Three of the Pineapple Express.

Rain Storm - March 2 2013 a

I have so much mud and tree-branches laying on my driveway that I may have to call out for the bigger guns—the tractor with the dower/bucket attachment for this job. I started this morning, thinking that the worst of the storm was over, but just as I dumped my first wheelbarrow load, a wave of wind and rain picked up like someone turning on a faucet way up in the sky. I would say that this storm will go into the record books as a nasty one for flash flooding. The city workers put sandbags along the edge of the road to stop further erosion, but the ditches are not doing so good either as the water ends up spilling out onto the road.

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