A Snapshot of My Day at Noon Time

There was Sun, lots of it. The sky blue with puffy white clouds, and very still air. Chainsaws were buzzing, roosters were bellowing out their calls to all the other hens in the farm down the road, and birds were chirping their mating calls trying to score a mate. After Three months of brown winter, today was a sight for sore eyes as spring has unofficially started. This is the few moments I took, around lunch time, as I walked around the yard with the camera, and then drank some coffee on the patio–soaking up the Sun.

Working Outside Mar 3 2013 a

This was the first time ever that I got to sit outside with just my slippers and sweater, out on my patio. I could feel the vitamin D coursing through my veins as the Sun light touched my skin.

Patio Sky Mar 3 2013 a

The view of the sky from my patio.

Blue Flowers Mar 3 2013 a

It appears that I have many varieties of flower growing here, planted from the previous occupant. These blue ones (above) I do not think I have ever seen before.

A Bunch of Purple and One White Flowers Mar 3 2013 a

As soon as the Sun light hit this patch of lawn, these bad boys (the purple and one white flower) opened up in less than Fifteen minutes. This morning they were laying flat on the ground after taking a weekend of pounding from the rain storm. It appears that I will have thousands of these guys as everywhere growing on the property as the lawn is already covered with them.

What a great day so far!

One Thought on “A Snapshot of My Day at Noon Time

  1. Hey, I recognize that tablecloth 😀 The flowers are beautiful.

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