Out On The Patio

I spent the last few hours of the day, after I got home from work, out on the patio catching the last of the sunny streak we just had. My goal, to log onto as many patio hours as I can this year. Now that I have privacy, and hardly any visitors, getting out, sitting with my laptop, phone and paperwork, makes sense rather than spending days on end inside at my desk.

Sitting On the Patio Doing Twitter Time - March 4 2913 a

I thought I would capture this moment as I had my Twitter going before I hit the paperwork.

On the work side of my life, the big changes are still to come, but I was warned again today that they a coming: reduced hours, changed schedules, and possible pay reductions. As Worf would say on Star-trek (the Next Generation) “Brace for impact”!!! I fear the nasty stuff is yet to come as the business tries to survive the (continuing) economic melt-down. I am glad today is over, but another is still to come.

Oh well. At least I have my Twitter friends. Heck, I might even find another job with Twitter.

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