I am having a bad day. So much poo at my work, plus having issues with my home life too. There is nothing that a good rant cannot fix. So, without further ado, please excuse me while I ramble on about the garbage in, and around, my life.

Start of rant

The time has come to past, the worst has been revealed, and right in the middle of it all I find myself being pushed across the game board like a pawn in the great game of chess, the economic forecast has been laid out. Reacting to the news that both of my employers are heading for the debt cliff, I can only ponder in awe as they run around and cry at how the world did them injustice; the system caused them to carelessly over spend in the name of business the paradigm of limitless growth; the credit taps from their finical partners got shut off once the pool overflowed its capacity. The blame-game seems to be the “out” for chicken that crossed that road, trying to mitigate the cause and effect of mathematics of the dollars and cents, screaming into any ear that will listen to them. For the pawns, they can only go with the flow with the torrents of this chaos. There is no hierarchy of game pieces on this game board, as we are all pawns, only able to take one or two steps forward, and attack either to the left or right, at a time with no options of stepping away from the field, or reversing the game play.

“Greed is good…” bellowed Kevin O’Leary from the CBC News show, the “Lang and O’Leary Exchange,” (2012). This must be what motivates the pawns to move?

Armed with savings, anticipating the impending lay-off, cutting all unnecessary expenditures, now becomes the priority. With a horde about the size of a shoebox, the sum worth of my savings, the hands, both from Big Brother and the social machine, will reach into it and try to squeeze out those few remaining dollars until box is sucked dry, and then I will be succumb by debt as well until that become a barren and fruitless tree to pick from. The race is on; who will make it across the game board with the least amount of battle wounds?

I have learned long ago that blaming anyone or everyone is just pointless and stupid. You cannot pin this whole mess onto just one person, a group or an idea/philosophy of the status quo. We all had played a part in this no matter what our thinking is, whether racking up huge credit debt, or not saving enough when times were prosperous, this is just the way cookie crumbles. I have learned to embrace these times because I have learned from the past that the Business Cycle ride high, then rolls low, but that it is always in constant flux. In the mid 1990’s I remember how quickly the economic house of cards can fall when I was faced a sudden loss of unemployment. It was quick and sudden, with no warning at all. Before that, still living at home with my parents, I remember the OPEC-Crisis of 1980’s when Canada saw double digit interests rates, and inflation crippled most who lived in the Northern towns. These are but some of the reasons why I never locked myself into a mortgage.

End of rant.


One Thought on “Cut-Off

  1. Your rant actually made me feel better — vicariously. Nothing seems to be going right for me either. Pity Party!!!

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