The Blue – Yellow Tongued Dragon Flower

These look like blue dragon flowers to me, but I am not sure what they are. I am not an expert on plants, but if I were in charge of plant naming, then this is what I would call this, the Blue – Yellow Tongued Dragon Flower. But I am not in charge of naming plants, so I will put out this appeal to all you, asking, what the heck are these flowers actually called?

And yes I tried Google.

Blue Dragon Flowers March 8 2013 a

I posted these before last week here on the blog, and these were one of the first batches of flowers to pop up this season, so I am a bit curious about them. It appears that I will have hundreds of patches of these little blue flowers growing everywhere where I live.

Special Note:

I like to thank Eliza from “Space Pops,” who told me that these could be a flower known as an Iris.

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