A Robot Playing with its Diamonds

I was actually toying around with my P.C., today after I installed better RAM. When rendering with Blender, or any other Three dimensional program with lots of details, the amount of speed that you can render is proportional to the CPU and RAM that you have for hardware. You can never have enough!

A Diamond with the Robot a

In the past, like early today, the above image would have taken my poor P.C., about Thirty minutes to render in Blender Cycles render engine. Now, my machine whipped this scene up in about Five minutes. I am impressed.

Thomasso - Blender Screenshot from 2013-03-09

The speed that I can render is not the only thing that got better, it has also improved the way Blender works for me with huge scenes. It no longer bogs down when working with complicated meshes. The program has not crashed on me yet. I rendered another scene that I created a few weeks ago that was almost impossible then, bit now grinds out a render without pulling a Window$ Vista on me! I only run Linux at home by the way.

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