The 9:00am Shoot – A Walk in the Forest on 84th Avenue

I could not sleep, even though I did not get to bed until 2:30 am last night, I could not sleep, so I went for a little walk in the forest next to my place, bringing my camera of course. It was already 12C when I walked outside into the sunshine. The sky was void of any clouds in the East, making the trees stand out in sharp contract from the sky.

Flowers March 9 2013 a

I was surprised at how well the day turned. I knew we were in for a nice day, but actually seeing it makes me appreciate it even more.  But what really stood out for me was how quiet it was. Normally I hear chainsaws, tractors and roosters on a day like this, sometimes starting as early as 5:00am, but not today; it was eerie quiet for some reason. Maybe everyone else here in the valley had a wild and wonderful night like I had too?

Mushrooms on a Stump March 8 2013 a

I am amazed at how fast things grow, and spring to life, in the wild. It is like a race. Sometimes I wonder that this is all a tragedy becuase life never gets a chance to stay a while and just live. But, we all know that survival of the fittest is the rule here on Earth, and probably everywhere else, so you take advantage of what you get. It is all about getting out, reproducing, and worry about being eaten, and getting something to eat, all at the same time–like these mushrooms.

Regardless of my time outside today, I must spend most of it inside. The next Seven days are foretasted to be cloudy and wet, so my walk today is the fresh air and natural vitamin D I will have for the week.

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