To Procrastinate: Tacks, Ticks, and More Taxes.

Already I want to throw these forms back in the file folder and leave them for another day. I have procrastinated enough on them though becuase my deadline is approaching. This is the follow up for my final tax submission with my little spat with Revenue Canada, and the forms and organizing of my copies is well over Seventy pages.

Taxing Paperwork Thomasso March 9 2013 a

So, should I do it tonight, to save it for tomorrow?

These forms are due in by the Fifteenth of March, so this gives me One more week to get them done. I am not sure if that includes postage time, or uploading the files on the Net, but either way it clearly states on the forms that Revenue Canada can issue a fine if I miss the deadline. The good news is, the more I go through my numbers, the better it is looking that I do not owe anymore cash to the man than what I have already paid. I do want to get this Ten Thousand Dollar issue fixed, and put that to bed for good.

To procrastinate, or not to procrastinate, that is the question.

One Thought on “To Procrastinate: Tacks, Ticks, and More Taxes.

  1. Do not procrastinate! (This said from a master procrastinator) 😀

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