Damn Time Change

Did I ever mention how much I hate this Daylight Savings time thing?

Oh, right I have. I have mentioned this just about every year since I have been blogging, almost Ten years now.

For the record, Daylight Savings should be abolished. I would rather go to bed when it is dark, and live with the Sun already up when I get up from my sleep, then the way it is now.

This up coming week is going to be hell for me now that I have to readjust my sleep scheduled.

2 Thoughts on “Damn Time Change

  1. The Russian parliament has passed legislation to abolish the yearly switch between standard time and daylight saving time (DST). The bill entitled “On the Calculation of Time” was approved by the Duma on Tuesday, April 19, 2011.

  2. Cool. I think Russia is on track.

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