Pineapple Express Number Two for 2013

The second winter storm (a.k.a. The Pineapple Express) is currently passing through, dumping rain and blowing wind outside, while I sit inside listening to the massive rain drops pound away on the roof. Unlike the last Pineapple Express, this storm is stretched out over Four days, and the rain hits us in “pulses,” using the weather office’s terminology, usually lasting a few hours and subsiding to just drizzle for hours on end. Most of the rain has occurred while I have been out, away from home, at work, so I really do not get that sense that we have been getting a lot of moisture on the ground. Tonight, our list day of the storm, I am hearing it, as the rain sheets across the fields along with the wind.

The mess from the storm along the road I live on has returned from the storm. This is giving me an idea of just how much rain has fallen in the last couple of days when I see the sand bags along the side of the road holding back the rocks and mud that are being swiftly taken down from the hill behind me. My landlord is says that tonight we may have a repeat of what happened Three weeks ago and the road got completely covered with mud, and the Township (Langley) had to come out and dig out the road.  He even has started parking his cars in my driveway today, to keep them safe just encase the hill gives way and takes out his driveway at the top of the hill.

Who says that we do not get any excitement around here. Fort Langley is chock full of excitement–super wet weather is one of those moments to write about!

I can feel the warmer air, and it feels so nice (minus the rain). The reason why they call it The Pineapple Express is becuase the air comes directly from Hawaii, and I can smell that tropical smell in the air as we get that warmer that usual temperature outside. I have yet to hear of any actual pineapples floating in the water in Vancouver harbour–but that would be wilds if they did.

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