A Minor Accomplishment with Blender: Real Looking Clouds

A minor accomplishment tonight, as I managed to create realistic looking clouds in a Blender Scene. Last month I created this scene, using a mountain plugin, and some basic objects to create trees, and a my name as a logo. The idea was to compare the regular rending with the cycles rending that just got released in the new Blender. Using Blender 2.66a, and adding the Cloud plugin, I was able to create some clouds in a matter of minutes, and the rendering was super fast for my machine too.

Mountain with LOGO with Clouds March 13 2013

OK, they kind of look like big cotton balls, but once I add some colours and textures, I am sure they will look very real. Soon, when I get more free time, I will create a colour version of this scene. And to think that I thought clouds were going to be the hardest part of creating Blender scenes?

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