Night of the Frogs: Frog Fest

I was working away last night, getting a whole pile of paperwork done, when I noticed this drowning sound, appearing to come from outside, but far away. I paid no attention to it, and I kept on working. It was not until I went to the fridge to load up some Tropical Mango juice that I noticed the sound was getting louder. This was around 9:00pm. Then my phone rang, so I had to walk closer to the main doorway by my living-room to answer it, and that was when I really took notice of the noise coming from outside. After the phone call, I looked outside to see what was going on.

Sringtime Frg Fest march 15 2013 a

The sound was loud and piercing. It was the sound of a thousand frogs croaking away, probably calling out to mates, ushering in spring. As the evening wore on, it seemed more frogs were joining in, and the noise was getting louder. When I phoned my mother, she said she could hear them over the phone when I walked outside.

I thought I would have to listen to this all night, but as midnight approached, the frogs seemed to have called it a night. I guess they to have limits and curfews too, or they probably all headed to the pond where the Lilly-pads are?

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