Rendering Love With Photons

It looks like I have a photo shoot for tomorrow, doing some studio wedding shots for a couple who had just gotten hitched, but were not happy with their photographer they had during the wedding ceremony. Again, my networking is paying off, as they sought me out though some friends who I did some family portraits for just last year. This is awesome because I really like doing the wedding gigs: they pay well, and you catch people at their best looking.

Metal Ruby Red Hearts March 16 2013 small

Because this shoot is in a studio (my own), I usually like to have friends to help out with makeup and set changes, but becuase of the short notice, I am on my own tomorrow.  So the bride is on here own with the makeup and the fine tunning of her garments. I will do the post production too on this as they want simple, yet elegant shots, so the set and post production will be modest.

My secret weapon for shooting on a budget set are the back drops I have. A couple of weeks ago I purchased about ten muslins from a local photo outlet for a sweet deal, so I am hoping to use at least a four or five of them tomorrow. I want to armed with as many colour combination as possible to match the couple’s outfits.

So tomorrow will come bright and early. I cannot wait!

*The Ruby Metal Hearts scene was done with Blender 2.66a using the cycles rendering engine and then edited with GIMP. You could say I love Blender too! 🙂

One Thought on “Rendering Love With Photons

  1. That’s awesome that you now do wedding photography! 😀

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