Good Morning, it is Green on St Patrick’s Day

First, happy Saint Patrick’s day, officially. Another sign that spring and warmer days are on their way here in the valley. Also, what a day, nothing but Sun beaming down at us as the clouds slowly drift away. There is some wind, but the Sun makes up for that, as it was a little cool at the start of the day. So I took some shots with the camera of the back forty.

Fort Langley - Green March 17 2013 01 small

The above image are not Shamrocks, but something as close as we got around here. As you can tell, it rained early this morning, so everything got a good soaking. When I drove into town (doing my laundry) I saw several people dressed in Saint Patrick’s day garbĀ  wearing green such as, green T-shirts, Shamrock pins, and one guy wearing a deep green suit! How Saint Patrick’s Day can you get wearing that!

Fort Langley - Green March 17 2013 02 small

More photographic proof that the Sun is fully functioning, and is not broken, as some friends have told me that it is. It is almost time to the get the weed trimmer out, and start trimming those pesky weeds.

2 Thoughts on “Good Morning, it is Green on St Patrick’s Day

  1. Nice photos. I wore my green jacket on St. Pat’s Day. :mrgreen:

  2. Thanks Sheri!

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