From the Shower to the Flowers

This morning was the first day of my new working life. Reduced hours, cut in pay, and one part-time job gone, I am really worried about how 2013 is going to turn out. Added to insult, the Harper Cons released a news bulletin today (CBC news) about how the Federal government is all mad about why there is a skilled labour shortage, and so many cannot find of jobs, while unemployment rages on at seven percent. I wanted to puke when I heard this. But anyway, that is for another blog post, not this one.

Purple Flower March 18 2013 small

This seems to be the last of the purple flowers in my garden. Most have long since died as the rain and cold nights have ravaged them. Even the other flowers in among the same patch, that the above image shows, are laying flat on the ground, pounded and withered from the elements. As their time passes for the season, other flowers are taking hold, and yellow and blue are now the dominant colours.

Steamy Shower Window March 18 2013 small

The morning shower really moisten up my home today as the bathroom fan/vent quit working, and the whole of the inside was filled with steam. The moisture was really dripping off from all the windows. I got a towel and started whiping them down as water started dripping from off of the window sills onto the walls and floor. I see why having that air vent is so important.

This image was taken after I whiped everything down and cranked up the heat. The windows just kept collecting the moisture.

2 Thoughts on “From the Shower to the Flowers

  1. I love the photos.

    Yes, it’s hard to make a living these days and easy to worry. I’ve learned that things may not be great, but by not giving up and doing what we can, we’ll be okay. I wish you the best!!

  2. It’s just the pain of having to deal with this disparity, knowing what lays ahead, and watching everyone around going through the same thing. I know I’ll get through it, it’s just the in-between part that I hate.

    But hey, spring is upon us now, something to look forward to.

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