Using Make-Human with Blender to Make People

I just thought I would quickly post this before I got too into using the Make-Human character modeling meshes that can be used with Blender for crating human like objects. I feel kind of guilty using the software to make meshes like this becuase it is like cheating when you should be doing all of the modeling yourself. But hey, it is open-source and I see a lot of people using it to created their science and animations with, so why not. I sure do not have the time to spend on modeling?

Makehuman Blender Girl with thomasso LOGO March 19 2013 small

But then, I guess that is the whole point of modeling; you create your own work.

It would have taken me several days to model the mesh for the girl that you see above, and who knows what it would have looked like once I was done. I am just happy that I can take a mash, have it fully rigged so that I can step right into scene creations and doing so animating.

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Make Human Website:

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