Is It Really Spring!

Is it really spring, or is it just my senses fooling me, the Weather Gods laughing at us, as I look at my thermometer from underneath my umbrella, as I hold on to it with both hands becuase the winds is blowing so hard. For the Vernal Equinox, this day seems to indicate that winter is going to hang around a little while longer, so spring is just a mark on the calendar. A mini windstorm has brewed up today with rain along with a  a ten minute sprinkling of hail, a power outage that occurred right at dinner time, and the pump for the well died leaving us without water for the next twenty-four hours, all of this indicating that spring is far off.

Has it warmed up? The answer is not really. It is still cool, mild, but a long ways off from where we were this time last year with near record heat and drought like conditions. Just lately we have been getting some really cool nights, so it seems to be getting chillier. It might even snow again before the month is over…. Yikes!

We had a minor power-outage this afternoon from the wind that has been kicking up. Those storms have been down this year, we are not out of the woods yet from them. We are still susceptible to the pineapple express and Norther out-flow winds that can do some damage. The little bit of hail we had was interesting, as that only lasted a few minutes, but it sure came down. Then the hail was all done ,and the Sun sort of came out, but right after, the rain came back and has continued.

We have no water at the moment. The sub-pump on the well died, and the landlord has been working on it all day. He told me that he will have to buy a new one or see if he can get the old one fixed. The problems of owning farmland, and the water we take for granted that flows from our taps–unlike living in town with city water and utilities. I am lucky becuase I have a storage tank of drinking water, and I can use that for washing and other things. Already I miss the water from my taps.

OK, so  now we wait for spring to really kick in. Come on spring….. start!

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