Going All Out: Earth Hour

Earth Hour is once again upon us, and right at 8:30pm today I switched everything off (electric) and went through the hour without any lights on, and as many electric vampire appliances that I could think of too; I turned them all off, cold turkey. I sort of cheated with my heat though, as I also have propane, so I could still cook, and heat my home, without electricity. One appliance that I did not switch off was my hot-water tank, for obvious reasons – I still needed to take a shower, and that is one luxury I still want to keep going.

EarthHour - Dinner by Candlelight March 23 2013 small image

I had fun this year with Earth Hour. I had a friend over for dinner, a classmate from university, and we did everything by candlelight, and basically ate outside on the patio. It was fun.

Where I live it is hard to tell if my neighbours were participating in Earth Hour or not becuase we live so far apart, and there are lots of forest between us, so seeing them is impossible. I am sure many around here participated. It will be interesting to hear the news to see if Vancouver will have a really good result, better than last year’s!

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