Update From My Last Post on Daffodils

I cannot believe that I made this mistake–I forgot to switch over to my “Spring 2013” logo on my water mark that I use for each photograph that I posted. Yes, if you look at the previous post, I used my winter 2013 logo. Force of habit I guess. So, without further ado…

daffodil in Fort Langley 02 small

More daffodils shots, but with the proper water mark logo.

Purple Flower in Fort Langley March 23 2013 small

….and more of these purple flowers, that I have no idea what they are.

The logo I created using Blender, using the Cycles rendering engine. I decided to go with the gem like background, with the text embedded into the gem. I wanted to make the gem transparent also, but for now, that is beyond my skills with Blender.

Spring LOGO 2013 sm

I was asked why I put these logos into my photographs. The answer is simple, because images can be taken freely from off of the Internet, and the only true way of making sure someone does not take your work for their commercial gain is to water mark it. So for each image I embedded these logo images into them. I also dumb down the resolution too so to make it more difficult for someone to work with these images after I uploaded them, and I strip the file of the meta data that usually is tagged with each image directly from off of the camera.

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