Cyprus, and My Flowerbed Mystery

Today, in this post, I am going to talk about why, all that is happening in Cyprus, is making me very uneasy about my money here in Canada, and what flowers are going to pop up in this massive flower bed beside my place.

White Flowers in Fort Langley March 25 2013 small image


Cyprus is a country that I talk about very little. I know where it is, and have some basic knowledge of its history and and place in the Middle East, but other than that, nothing else more. Up until now, I had know idea that it was even part of the European Union, let alone in such dire straights economically. It was not until I heard on the news, through my local media outlet, just what that tiny little country was going through, and that I fist started to understand the magnitude of what this meant for the world as a whole.

When I first heard that the government of Cyprus was going to take a percentage of money from its citizen’s bank accounts, that really made me sit up and take notice. I was stunned to hear that news. How could a country have the nerve to take money directly from people’s bank accounts, and use that to pay for its austerity plans. And on top of that, shut down it’s banks, holding everyone at ransom while they struggle trying to keep everything running, living on what little cash they could get from their ATMs. I am still trying to wrap my heard around that.

As more news trickled out from Cyprus, I started to understand a little bit more about what that country is going through. But still, that notion of a government taking money from bank accounts to service its debt just makes me shake my heard in disbelief. I now wonder what measure could my country, Canada, take if it were to going through that phase of an economic meltdown. It also makes me wonder just how safe is anyones savings is in any Bank?

Flowerbed Mystery

I am on pins and needles to figure out what these plants are. What are they going to be when they sprout flowers: could they be more daffodils, roses, what? I cannot wait.

Flower Bed in Fort Langley March 25 2013 small image

This flowerbed is a fare size. It measures three by nine metres right by my driveway, almost covering the entire length of it. Already in the last two days these stocks have grown up to thirty centimetres in hight, and they do not seem to be stopping. I cannot wait.


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