Bokeh and the Daffodil Shot

I was trying to do some fancy trick photography, but the light was not co-operating with me. I was trying to shoot this daffodil that was in front of a fence made from very fine chicken-wire-mesh. I was hoping to get the fence just out of focus enough to create some really cool bokeh effect behind the flower. Well, see for yourself.

Daffodil With Cool Bokeh - Fort Langley BC March 27 2013 small image

I feel that if I had more light, the effect would have looked really spectacular. You can sort of get it in this shot. There is always tomorrow, if the Sun is not covered by the clouds that moved in today.

Shot with a 30mm macro lens, and my Sony A99 (manual mode).

*No Daffodils were harmed in this shooting.

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