Digging Through Dad’s Things

I have been in cleaning mode for most of the last two days. As I was going through old boxes, trying to reduce my physical foot print, I came across some boxes of things that I inherited just after my father passed away many years ago. So, I spent quite a bit of time making sure that I did not throw anything out that may have great value, especially sentimental value.

Dads First Place Ribbon Thomasso March 28 2013 small image

I came across this little gem. It is father’s first place ribbon from “The Victoria Harbour Regatta, 1956,” which places his age around eleven to thirteen years old at the time that he won this. Sadly the condition of it is pretty worn and creased as it was laying, crumpled up, in a box for years among odds and ends that were his before his untimely death. When I went through the whole box, I found so many “artifacts” that I almost cried, looking at the history that I have in that little box. Remember that I was almost ready to throw the box out, had I not taken the time to properly go through its contents.

I knew that my father was a recreational sailor, in that he loved sailboats. He loved them so much that he spent a year living on one up North in Prince Rupert. He had even built one, rebuilding an old sailboat that was in ruins, to making it look brand spanking new–full resteration, spending hours upon hours on it, investing what could only be a labour of love in the end.

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