The Temptations of Spring

Now that the week is almost done, I want to lay back and not do anything; just sit on my lawn chair and soak up the Sun. My thermometer says it is 18C on my patio, and my computer is saying 16C, not bad while the rest of the country is still under winter’s grip. But anyway, I am tired and sore from a very busy and frustrating week, with lots and lots stuff still to worry about.

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I cannot complain about the Sun. I was fearing that we were going to have a late spring, listening to the weather station’s long term forecast. I am always happy when they are wrong like this.Winters make me, and almost everyone depressed, so when the longer days arrive, everything is great once again.

Spring Tree Sprouts - Fort Langley March 3013 small image

This last has been a bad one. The impact of reduced hours at my work are showing. On my last pay cheque, I was missing a lot of hours, and will have to dispute this my employer. They have been making lots of mistakes lately, especially in matter of money. I do not know if it the stress of the economic meltdown, or spring, or if we are getting busy, but I really now need to rethink my position there, and with them. On top of getting dealing with mistakes, the job itself is now at a point where I really want to leave it behind. Remember that I was laid off from another position that I had just three weeks ago, so money is tight. What i fear is that they could be going under very soon, so getting the last of my pay could be an issue, (this is just a fear). Being debt free at this point in time is the best thing I ever did for myself!

I discovered that I had a number of personal items go missing (stolen) from a friend’s storage shed (In Langley City) that I was using to store my large item. I was going to go there today to bring them back, now that I have a place to store them here. We figure that the thieves broke in last Thursday, and most of my stuff, including a ridding lawnmower and Cement mixer (belonged by my friend) were taken. The lock on the door had been hack-sawed off and door jam pounded in with what could have been a large hammer. My loss was nothing compared to my friend, but I am still extremely pissed off, angry and frustrated with the theft. I lost a tool chest, valued at around $2000.00, and some pro-audio equipment, valued at $4000.00. A hit on the chin.

The week was not all doom and gloom. I had a mini reunion with some of my old university buddies on Tuesday, and we all went out for dinner in Surrey, kind of a formal thing, but a private affair. It was great to get out with the guys after not seeing them for so long. I even got a lot of great networking leads on possible jobs, so that made things a lot more positive.

So, I guess it is back to lounging on the lawn chair to catch the last of today’s sunshine. Until my post.

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