A Good Weekend Has Ended

A good weekend has ended, and I now have to get ready to face the workweek and all the unknowns that lay ahead tomorrow. Still, I did do a lot of relaxing and reflection with the time I had this long weekend. it was especially wonderful to open all the windows becuase it was getting too warm inside this afternoon, which is not bad at all for still being March, and spring just starting. I think the highlights of these past three days were my repacking and putting stuff away, you know, junk that I just do not know what to do with, and cleaning. But I did enjoy the Sun.

Mighty Fine Weekend in Fort Langley March 31 2013 small image

The above image was proof that we got to nearly 20C today around 3:00pm. Honest, the picture does not lie. 🙂

I should stress that it was also very cold this morning, close to 3C, when I headed out to do my laundry. I had to wear a jacket, but by 10:00am, the warmth was catching up, and I could wear just a T-shirt.

Yikes, the laundromat in Fort Langley is going to be closing soon! This means that I either will have to buy a machine, or find another laundromat. This is the part of gentrification (that is happing in Fort Langley) that I do not like. The Fort Laundromat closes around the end of May this year, so six or so?

Purple Flower in Fort Langley March 31 2013

After getting back from laundry, I took a few moment to catch some very small little tiny purple flowers in a spot that the Sun only shines in the first hours of the day. These are right by my driveway, so I do not get to see these very often with good light to film them. I took this shot with a 30mm lens to get this depth of field I wanted. I like shooting with a very narrow depth of field as I try and perfect the bokeh effect in my shots. I am now shooting ninety percent of the time in manual mode–the auto focus drives me nuts.

OK, off to get ready for the night. Woo-hoo…..

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