Nature’s Alarm Clock

At first it freaked me right out of my skin, then it amused me, followed by concern, but now it is damn right irritating and driving me nuts. I call them “nature’s alarm clock” becuase they start right around 6:00am, but they keep on going right up until it becomes dark. My problem are the Robins, and it is mating season for them, and they are #&@^#^@ driving me right off into the deep end.

Evil Robbin April 1 2013 small image

Robins are aggressive. They are not the little passive birds that you normally see out in the park. When it comes spring time, they (the Males) get down right mean and dirty defending their turf from other Robins. As long as you stay away from their girls, or you do not resemble another Male Robin, you can be reassured that you will have little contact from them.

My problem is, my home has lots of very shiny windows that are tinted. As soon as it is light out they are pretty much mirrors. They are really nice to have during the summer time, as they reflect a lot of the Sun’s heat out, and they are tempered and insulated, so they work great in the winter too, so I bought them for these qualities. They also help keep peeping perverts from looking side during the daytime; all you see is your reflection.

For the Robins, this is a problem. Male Robins really take control over their girls. The little group that I have consists of only one Male, and two Females, that I can tell. I am assuming that it is just one Male because the other two Robins do not bother me, or attack my windows. But also, when the Male sees another Male Robin, it is WAR; even if it’s his own image in my tinted windows. From sun up until sun down this poor Robin will fly right up to my windows and starts attacking his own reflection. For intervals of ten to twenty minutes, I here the tapping and thumping of this bird on my windows, then he takes a break to check up his girls, then flies back for another round of attacks.

For the last week, the tapping and thumping on my windows has grown with intensity and vigor. I am starting to wonder if these birds are hurting themselves, or putting themselves at danger. All I can do is hope that soon the testosterone will wear off, and I can have peace once again.

The Robbins are not the birds to do this, there are some smaller birds to that attack their won reflection, but they are smaller and do not make much noise. I hope soon, they will all stop. I wish there was a ways of bird proofing my windows without loosing the benefits of having windows?

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