The Effects Software On My Camera

I hardly ever use the software that is loaded onto my camera. When I first got the camera, and I uploaded the latest software onto it, I must have shot about two hundred images using these effects before I left it and did just straight shooting, until today. Normally I just use the camera for what it was intended for, shooting images, and any effect(s) I would do in post editing. But, this camera has some really cool effects on it, so today I tried some of them just to see what I could that I have not do already. My favourite is the selective colour mode.

Just Yellow - Daffodils in Fort Langley April 03 2013 small image

So I used the yellow colour only mode and shot a bunch of daffodil shots using this effect. I looks cool, but it is very basic, and I can only save these in JPEG, not RAW format. So these images are very limited as far as doing any post editing with them. Perhaps later I will spend sometime and actually read the section of software with the owner’s manual for my camera.

So back to regular shooting.

White FLower Fort Langley April 03 2013 small image

The above image was shot in RAW format, and I ran it through a program called Darktable, which I really like. in this image I did no post editing whatsoever, just saved the image into a PNG file and posted it here. I should have used a HD filter but, the Sun was just behind some thin clouds, so the light levels were in a constant flux. I should have spent more time on this shot, the green and white really look great. There is always tomorrow, if it is not overcast.

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