Robin, Robin, up in the Sky

Last night I thought I was being clever, coming up with a solution that would end my woes with the testosterone loaded robin that has become the ache of my daily life in my home. From sun up, until sun down, this overly aggressive little bird has been pounding and scratching away at my windows, nonstop, only taking breaks to check up on his mates who seem to be nesting in a nearby tree.  He sees himself in my tinted windows and aggressively attacks his reflection. I have fine mesh netting, which I draped over just my bedroom windows, to minimize the pounding and scratching that has been waking me these last few days.  This morning the noise stopped.

It was too quiet. When I got out of bed, preformed my ablutions, then brewed my coffee, I noticed that I could not see the rowdy robin anywhere. This alarmed me, so I thought I would make the effort to go outside just to have a look to see what he was up to. I wanted to check the nest(s) first to see if the females were happily nesting on top of their eggs. They were happy, chirping away. It was not until I headed back that I saw the Male Robin, fluttering in the netting right by my bedroom window.

It was tricky getting to him.  Each time I moved closer to him, he would flap his wings violently, moving in a circle motion, each rotation his legs would wrap tighter in the mesh. But Finally I got a hold of him, and with a pair of scissors, I cut the netting from his legs.

When I had him in my hand, and pulled the meshing from around his legs, I released my grip, and for a second, he stayed perched in my palm before he flew off into the bushes.

The netting idea was a complete and almost devastating solution to my bird problem. I may try putting plastic sheeting over top of my windows to stop the reflection. Anyway, if you have any ideas, please pass them on to me. I fear that there may be several more weeks of this to come.

Birdy, birdy, in the sky,
why go turdy in my eye.
Me no cry, me know why,
just thank God that cows don’t fly.

Childhood rhyme

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