Cherry Blossoms

It has been raining for the last couple of days now, and there has not been any motivation to go outside, even to take photos of the latest spring edition of blooms that have been sprouting up. Here in the Lower Mainland, or Vancouver-Fraser Valley of British Columbia, the cherry blossoms are out in full force. The blossoms this year are very vibrant, mostly from that week of awesome very warm weather we just had, so the urge to photograph them is there, but the rain keeps me inside.

The Drive Home - Fort Langley Arptil 5 2013 small image

The best I can do for now is post a shot that I took when on my home from work yesterday. This is the street, or road, that I live on, and I live way at the end of it. Along the edge, people have planted may cherry trees, and in this shot you can see some young cherry trees with their blooms along the left hand side of the road. I am assuming that the white ones are the Males, and the pink ones are the Females?

There are streets in the valley that are lined with cherry trees, and right now they are amazing places to drive down as the trees are covered with blossoms. 88th Avenue in Walnut Grove is one such road, just passed 216th Street, where there are thirty year old cherry trees just covered with white blossoms. When the Sun poles through the clouds again, I will try and make it a point to drive through 88th avenue with my camera.

The Drive Home - Fort Langley April 5 2013 02  small image

I just added this above image a couple of hours after I posted this entry. It was a last minute decision to post this image becuase it looks great when in full resolution (6000px), but looses so much when scaled down this to this size: 500px image.

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