Smoke’n With Blnder

I had some time today to put together a very complex and heavy resource scene in Blender this morning. It took nearly four hours to render the animation in high-definition, and the 5 second movie was eating nearly a GB of RAM when it was finally baked. I did a couple of formates once I had the file loaded into my RAM.


Below I created an animated GIF file that is fairly large (9MB) of which I only used the last 150 PNG still-images to create it with. This should give you an idea if what the finished product will look like. I have not created the final movie yet becuase I need my PC for other things right now. The GIF animation file may take some time to load for you if you have a slow connection.

The Thomasso Smoke animation

This is using Blender’s Smoke (particle) effect. Very cool program, eh?


Blender Smoke Simulation WIKI.


Blender 2.65 Simple Fire & Smoke Tutorial (Full HD) YouTube

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