The Daffodil Reign

The end of the daffodil reign has started. As I was out taking a brief, but much needed walking during the few minutes of sunshine that we had yesterday, I noticed that the daffodils that are growing along the South side of the property line are quickly dieing. Their bright yellow flowers are dropping and their peddles are shredded from the pounding rain and wind that we had from last Friday night.

Damaged Daffodils in Fort Langley April 06 2013 small image

I fear the daffodils that are right by my place are next to die, as I am sure their existence is only for a few short weeks to come. I at least got some really awesome photos of them over the last while, so not is all lost, but I wish I had more time to do some studio shots. There is next year, or maybe next week if any of them start still around by then to be photographed in their splendor.

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