Keeping It Out of Focus – I Did It!

I have just about completed everything (tutorials and steps) I need for my Blender Animation, and three dimensional art, overall. I have just figured out how the depth of field with the camera works on my version of Blender. It appears that there may have been a bug regarding my system that was causing me not to have the depth of field parameters working correctly in my scenes. I think I have it sorted out now. This is my first render using the depth of field with the node editor.

Focus With Blender - Depth of Feild

Just like a camera in the real world, I can now create scenes that are more realistic. There is even an option for creating Bokeh with light objects in Blender!  I am so happy–forget sleep when you are on the road to discovery!

ADDED: April 09, 2013

I managed to dig deeper into the world of Blender and figured out both of Blender’s Rendering Systems. As shown above, the depth of field is rendered in Blender-Render. This image below is using the same exact depth of field parameters, but rendering the scene out in Blender-Cycles.

Depth of Feild using Blender Cycles small image

The Blue ball is where I kept the area in focus while using a “blur factor” of just 10, and an F-Stop value of 4.5.

There was a lot of figuring out trying the get Blender Cycles to render properly, but I think I git it. You still need to use the Node Editor, along with the side-panel. And even though the Node-Editor and Side-Panel have the same F-Stop values, the Side-Panel seems to over ride the true F-Stop value in the scene.

ADDED: April 10, 2013

I rendered this one last night.

LOGO Cycles Depth of Feild April 09 2013 small image

This rendering is using the Blender Cycles, and my third attempt at using the depth of field effect in Blender. This image is also currently my Desktop Image.

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