A Great Afternoon for Photography

It was a great afternoon for some photography as the Sun came out after a wild morning (night) of rain. It rained very hard, and by Noon, like magic, the sky cleared up and all we had to deal with was the wind. But the Sun was awesome, for shooting some mid afternoon shots in the forest.

Have a Seat April 10 2013 small

This shot, above is an old chair that has been under this tree since I moved here.

Purple Droopy Flowers in Fort Langley April 10 2013 small

Contrast from the bright Sun, to the dark forest. Droopy little purple flowers, that seemed to be recovering from the pounding rain from last night.

Buds in Fort Langley April 10 2013 small

What can I say, I love buds!

A Brook in Fort Langley - April 10 2013 small

The babbling brook by my driveway.

All of these shots were done with a 55mm to 100mm zoom lens. The first two shots were shot using a Sony A99, and the last two are from my Sony A33. Each camera is totally different, and the photos they shoot are very noticeable–I can spot the differences. The A99 is far superior with Bokeh, as I have far greater control over my focusing–it is also a full-frame sensor camera too–$$$$$$. Plus it is a super fast camera!

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