Snug As a Bug In a Rug: Light in Bed

I just wanted to jump back into bed, but it was way too early for going to sleep, or a full on nap, but after taking this picture, I was invigorated to make sure that I was going to post this before the end of today. Yes, I wanted to dive into bed, under these covers, but the Sun was way too Bright, and the light shining through the blinds made this really cool looking effect on the bed, so I added this to my list of shots for today. I can guarantee that I will be as snug as a bug in a rug when I do finally hit the sack, so to speak.

Light on Blanket April 10 2013 small image

In this shot I used my favourite lens, the 30mm Macro, mounted on my A33. “Why don’t I mount this on my A99” you ask? Simple, my 30mm is not rated to a full frame camera, so I have to suffice with my micro two thirds camera. I mean it will fit, but I would have to crop the image due to the massive vignetting the lens causes. Yes, I have tried it already.

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