My Reading List – Ender’s Game

Finally, after nearly (undisclosed years) I got to this book in my pile of  “to read” books. But first, I have to thank my friend from so long ago, Mr. Andrew Claxton (spelling?) for making me buy the book at the book store that he worked at; I am currently glued to it. With my new found time scheduled, reading is now my favourite pastime, so I am also taking advantage of getting through all of these books, in the said pile, while I have the time to afford. So the last two days have been spent on Ender’s Game, written by Mr. Orson Scott Card, 1977.

Reading List - Enders Game April 13 2013 small image

By tomorrow afternoon I should have the last little bit read by then. The only thing preventing me from reading the whole book in one go is my crappy eye sight.

I do not intend to spoil the plot, nor give it praise and a rating, mostly becuase at this time I have not finished the book. But, I will say that it has kept me glued to it. I am actually anticipating, and eager, to turn the page as I dive deeper into the story. I have not had a book do that to me in a long time.

WARNING: Possible Plot Spoiler in this YouTube Clip!

Movie Bytes : Ender’s Game 2013 Introduction – Beyond The Trailer

So, yes, they are making this into a movie (if the company does not go into Bankruptcy before then). So, another reason to get through this book now. I want to have the author’s imprint, rather than the movie’s. I did it with the Hunger Games, and I am glad, as the story in the text revealed more than the movies could ever have about the story on the Silver Screen. So November, 2013, the movie should be coming out. I also laughed as I found out that Harrison Ford is playing Graff. This should be good.

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