Forty Words Later–Obey My Commands!

Over the last few weeks I have been playing around with voice recognition software on my Ubuntu machine. I am not going to list the software here just yet becuase I am still a long ways off from getting everything working correctly. But I was inspired by a couple of YouTube videos last year that got me hope that Linux would have a powerful program that could work as both voice activated scrips on my Desktop, and creating voice to text for email, documents and my Blog.

OBEY image April 16 2013 small image

Sadly I have nothing but bugs. For a while, about twenty to forty words, or commands, my software crashes, and freezes at the same spot, but lately, I have managed to call up my web browser, open email and call up some other programs before I give up waiting for my machine to go further.

I am excited that the Linux community has gotten this far with voice recognition software, but I can run my Dragon Naturally through Wine, but Dragon is only a little bit better. Still, it is fun to have a voice activated PC. A big help is having a really good condenser microphone–that USB mic really improved things over using my cheap headphone from the V.O.I.P. days.

Ok, back to work…. “Computer…. OPEN FIREFOX. COPY TEXT TO BLOG. PUBLISH BLOG…. OBEY! OBEY! …sigh”

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