To Be: Domesticated, Cadged and to Give Bad Advice

To my friend who got “hitched” two weekends ago, I wish you the best on your honeymoon as you and the lucky bride travel on your trip as husband and wife, to the tropics, where the warm Sun and sandy beaches will be the last thing on your minds. However, as I am sure as me winning the next super lottery that you are going to reading my blog, let me post a little tribute to you and answer the words of wisdom that you gave me before you stepped forth up upon that alter to put your ring on her finger. I think your words went like this….

RING by Thomasso April 15 2013

Quoting the video from April 6th, 2013 at 2:54am: “Tom, pay no shit to the bastards who may want to mock your life becuase you choose to be a free man (referring to my debtless financial lifestyle, and my belief on certain monitory systems). And ignore those who want to trap you into exile as a sheep in a concrete field (referring to my status of being single, or not married). Tom, you need a good woman…, not just any woman, but a good woman; and most of all, a better job so that you and your woman can live, happily, but not ever after because, lets face it, you are going to go into debt regardless. You see Tom, happiness and debt go hand in hand, like, ’till debt do we part, and all that stuff. Look–at–me, already in the hole ten grand…., no, make that fifteen, whatever, my point is, I think you are the saddest piece of @##$@@!&%$# in the world, right now, and you need to be happy. Tom, do you get my point? Do you see what is happening here, my own wedding party, right in front of me, ….am I making any sense?”

That was an excerpt from the video that was taken two weeks ago at my friend’s wedding party. I still laugh my head off when ever I watch that. Let me set the scene for you. My friend NRJ got married to EVS, who is now EVJ. NRJ was heavily intoxicated at the time that he made his statements. EVJ was already in bed in the hotel where the said party took place. NRJ and EVJ are really nice people. I went to university with them both, and that is where they met while attending classes. It was love halfway through the semester, and now they are hitched post graduates six years later. Romance.

So, last night I got a call from NRJ asking me to lend him some money while he and the miss are in Hawaii, basking in the Sun. He explained that his pay cheque somehow got deposited wrong, and his credit cards are not working, and the ATMs are not accepting his Bank Card. Instead I told that I would phone him back after I tried to figure what I could do. I was going to lend him some money. When I phoned back , his wife answered the phone, and I explained to her what NRJ asked, and how I was going to “wire” him some emergency cash. She told me NOT to do anything, and that she would call me back.

Several minutes, she called. “Tom, I phoned my dad and he is going to give us the money. But I want NRJ to think it came from you. I will take care of everything.”

An hour after that, NRJ phones me up. “Tom, I know the money came EVJ’s old man, so please don’t tell her that I asked you for money first….”

This morning I got an email (text) from NRJ, saying that “no worries, my pay cheque went through.”

I replied back, “’till debt do you two part…., domesticated, cadged and bad advice.”

He responded. “Smart ass!”

2 Thoughts on “To Be: Domesticated, Cadged and to Give Bad Advice

  1. This all sounds like something that would happen on an episode of Desperate Housewives lol. Very entertaining read though.

  2. Hey Sheri, long time, no see.

    Yeah, marriage: add money to the mix and you get some very interesting results. Stay tuned, they should be back next week, and I’m sure you’ll see (read) some really good episodes coming up on my blog.

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