When the Pawns Take Over

Last night I was greeted with some visitors from my old work, including one of the management/owners. They asked if they could pop over and spend some time talking about the last week, and all of the changes that have occurred, such as the lay-offs from the takeover by the mother-corp, and the good times we all shared. It was a neutral kind of a visit; five guys, both from management and co-workers, who wanted to share the final moments that we had as we pushed off on our separate ways. So in they went, and three hours later, we had some very interesting conversation.

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One of the tangents that our conversation took us on was asking the question of why people would even want to take on a job, knowing full well that just weeks before the compensation was almost twice as much as what was being offered now. As contractors who work in the I.T. business end, finding good qualified people is a challenge unto itself, let alone that there is still a completive market for such talent. The answer is in outsourcing beyond our boarders. Like what was reported on in the news with some of the Banks that operate in Canada, outsourcing seems to be the new mantra in cutting costs, and lowering labour expenses to keep the bottom line in check. Even worse was that some major Banks in Canada were actually brining in foreign workers to replace domestic born workers for less pay right into Canada. The outcry on the news and the re-canter from the Federal Government was overwhelming, but sadly all too late, and outsourcing now seems to be talking hold on jobs related with on-line services.

So we toyed around with the idea of what would happen if all that were left were pawns on the great chess board of life. Then what would happen?

We assumed that the board (playing field) would be the same, as per the rules, but all of a sudden all of the other players (game pieces) canceled them selves out.–what would happen? Would we still have a game where the pawns then just transform themselves into the original pieces, or roll play, as the former pieces did? Would the pawns just simply be too weak to deal with all of the pressure and change and fall into chaos, and then die? Would invaders from another game simply come in and take over, say, from a Monopoly Game, or worse yet, the Game called Sorry?

At one point we almost had to stop becuase of all of the laughter. We were drawing too many scenarios that could quite possibly turn out as possibilities, and none of use wanted to go their. But it was fun to throw these ideas around.

When we were finished and it was getting late, we paused in silence. The end had finally come. I felt like the weight had lifted and now I could get on with my life. But I felt uneasy for my friends. They all expressed to me that in the coming weeks they will all be going through hard ships. All, expect for me, have started their claims for Employment Insurance. The sudden lay-off caught all of use off guard, so some who gathered here that night had just committed to loans from their Banks: one for a brand new car, another for braces for his daughter. “The trickle UP Effects” (Pat English, 2012) is getting out of control with our economy, and  in next election the old guard maybe be thrown out!

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