J’ai Fait Un Arbre – I Made a Tree!

OK, I made a bunch of trees with Blender. I was playing around with the plugins list that came pre-loaded with Blender 2.66a, and I came across this little gem of a plugin that does trees. I did create a tree once, a long time ago, using a bezier curve for the trunk, and the piratical engine for the leaves, but that was way too much work, and rendering all that detail was just stupid. Now, I have this wonderful little plugin, saving huge time that gives lots of detail for basic home rendering.

Trees Done By Blender - small image

This plugin, called “Sapling: Version 0.2.6,” was created for Blender to help create a verities of tree, and tree styles. The Author says, “adds a parametric tree” (Andrew Hale, of TrumanBlending, date unknown) And then goes on to say, “the method is presented by Jason Weber and (sic) Joseph Penn in their paper ‘Creation and Rendering of Realistic Trees'” which appeared in the last couple of versions of Blender.

So, excuse me while I go tree nuts with my blender scenes… Bwahaahahahah!

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