April Soggy Flowers, and the Return of the Attck Robin.

Well, coming back from town after doing my laundry, I stopped along the side of the driveway to take a few shots of the apple trees that are now in full flower. The blossoms on all the trees seem to be holding back this year, probably due to the late arrival of spring, but nonetheless they are blossoming. We are also going through a period of rain making systems coming off from the Pacific Ocean, so half the day is rainy, while the other is cloudy with periods of sunshine. The trick is being outside with my camera when the Sun hits the ground.

Apple Blossoms in Fort Langley 02 April 21 2013 small image

It was hard getting the shot as I had to hold the camera over my head.

Apple Blossoms in Fort Langley April 21 2013 small image

Looking up from underneath the tree.

Attack Robin Came Back:

My attack robin is back. He must have taken some time off, maybe moving to another part of the meadow, but now he is back, right a 6:00am, pecking and clawing at my windows every couple of minutes. I tried the decals of predator birds last week, thinking that they worked, but they are not working. I must have a robin who is near sighted, or something?

Even now, as I type this blog post out, that pesky robin is hammering away on my bedroom window. Grrrrrrr.

ADDED Late In the Day:

Sure enough, the Sun shines as we end the day without a cloud in the sky. Although the Sun never had a chance to really warm things up around here, this means without the cloud cover, we will have a very chilly night.

Blossoms in Fort Langley April 21 2013 small image

Took this shot around 5:00pm, right by my home. This is the tree that I see right by me living room window. The tree canopy means that I should have shade most of the day–great for summer. Cannot wait for things to start to heat up around here!

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