Moon Light – Not Enough For a Tan Though.

I just happened to be sitting here at my  makeshift office (really my bedroom), and looking out the window, wondering what I should post about, then I see the Moon. Yes, the sky is clear, and the Moon is bright–the means shoot’n time! I grabbed my tripod, my 200mm lens, and off I went out onto the patio where I have the best shot of the Moon ever.

Moon over Fort langley April 23 2013 02 sm image

Then I got a little fancy, walking down the lawn a bit so I could get the Moon behind some tree branches.

Moon over Fort Langley April 23 2013 01 sm image

So the shot turned out rather nice.

I had to use manual focus by the way because the branches were throwing everything off. Heck, I just used manual mode and set everything up old school: F11, 1/40 shutter speed and ISO 100.

So, now that I posted something, I guess I can get back to my office work. I need a real office to work in. So tempting to just jump in bed and say “The Hell with it all.” But I am in a really good mode, so  work, work, work.

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