The Lower Back 40

This morning I took a walk down to the back end of the property that I live on, brining my camera, I wanted to capture the green that is now halfway grown on the trees. I knew by afternoon that the clouds were rolling in, so I wanted to get photos of the “lonely tulip” and this other tree that has huge pink blossoms on it. The tree blossom were closed this early in the morning, but I caught the Sun light on the tulip, the only time of the day when it is in direct sunlight.

Lonely Tulip April 26 2013 sm image

About the tree blossoms. I did not realize that they closed during the night. I was quite disappointed when I made the trek out back,  only to find that they were closed, looking like upside down purple pine cones. I took some shots, but I will wait until Monday when the good weather returns to shoot those again, then post. They are very pretty looking blossoms–looking almost like they should be tropical living trees, not here in the Lower Mainland.

The Back 40 April 26 2013 sm image

If you look at the mid lower right side of the image, beside the barn–below the chimney,you can see the lonely tulip.

The lawn mower used is a riding lawn tractor which my landlord  (owns) and he drove around. It took him about 20 minutes to do my section that I live on. There is 1.4 hectares just in my little area alone. Doing this by hand–probably a couple of days, at four hour intervals–way too much work.

2 Thoughts on “The Lower Back 40

  1. That lonely tulip is so beautiful, I like it better than the hugely popular photos of tulip fields!

  2. That is funny that you have “a lonely tulip” by your fence like that. We did too and a purple one — my fav color — for weeks. Then, one day, right beside that a pink one — my other fav color lol was growing right beside it. As I didn’t plant these and didn’t know about them at all since I just moved here last summer, it’s fun to see just what sprouts up out of the ground. I don’t dare dig up what I think may be weeds as they could be more flowers. 😀

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