A Quick Blender Render – Name In Neon

Since this is a “stay inside” day, I spent some time creating objects with the Bezir Curve objects maker and got the idea to do a neon sign with my website logo. Originally I wanted to create some plants, like vines and intricate stems with leaves and flowers, but my “tubes” turn into a neon sign idea, and from there I did the brick background using a bump-map texture in the image you see below. I rendered in both Cycles, and Blender Render, but the Cycles render looks way better.

Name in Neon Done In BLENDER sm image

I wanted to spend more time on this, but I have some other projects that I need to start, and finish by the end of this weekend. The image only took about half hour to create form start to finish. I was going for an “old sign” look that was missing sections of burnt out light, but I then realized that I should have kept the missing sections of tubes and made them black for that realistic look–it is a 3D image. Doing the bricks texture, however, took most of the time. I am still not happy with the bricks, and searching for a cool image-texture was time I did not have, so for now I can live with this.

One Thought on “A Quick Blender Render – Name In Neon

  1. This would make a good restaurant sign! 😎

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