Dandelions Up Close

I thought I would try some controlled photography, doing some macro shots of various objects, so I started off shooting some freshly picked dandelions. Yes, I killed (murdered) three dandelions for my photographic pleasure, but I think that I am OK, as I do not think that the Minister of Public Safety will have me arrested for this. So, without further ado.

Dandelion 01 April 28 2013 sm image

How I got this shot:

I used a 30mm macro lens, my Sony DT 2.8/30 MACRO SAM, which has a really cool minimum focus distance of just 6mm. Since the DT lens only works with my camera that has a APS-C Censor in it, not my full frame A99, I had to use my Sony A33 camera for the following shots.

Dandelion 02 April 28 2013 sm image

I picked three dandelions from my front lawn (I seems to have many growing, so I was totally random) and cut only the flowers from off of the stems. I then place each flower on a white sheet of regular typing paper. I used two light sources. The main/Key light source was a CFL which produces a warm light, and my blue LED flashlight to highlight the scene with. This is where you see the blue coming from.

Dandelion 03 April 28 2013 sm image

These are taken from the RAW files, directly from the camera, and I then converted them into a PNG file using DarkTable software. These five images I did not do any manipulations on, I just kept them in their current state, straight from the camera.

Dandelion 04 April 28 2013 sm image

I also set my aperture to its widest opening to get the narrowest focus plane that I can. I think images look way better with this effect than just a pinhole (all in focus) image.

Dandelion 05 April 28 2013 sm images

There you go, the cool world of macro photography. The dandelion, in all its glory and brilliance. Now to mow the lawn, bwahahahahaha!

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