Fort Langley’s Newest Development Takes Seed

You know change is moving forward when the big green Langley Township public announcement signs pop up in front of a property. The property at 9215 McBride Street is the latest big developmental change to sweep though Fort Langley. Two properties will be joined together to create a fifty-two town house complex whose main entrance will be along McBride Street. The home owner and the people in the R.V. Park have one more month to go before they need to vacate the site.

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I think the biggest change for the town of Fort Langley will be the removal of the huge trees that are along the right-of-way between the two properties just West of McBride Street. These trees are quit noticeable from anywhere along the downtown area of town. Other than that, with the exception of the construction traffic, I think Fort Langley residence will not even notice the change afterwards. Hey, instead of having forty-eight low income people living there, they will have fifty-two high income families replacing them.

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I have not heard one person outright disagree with this new development plan for the property, nor have I seen anyone who lives on the site come out and protest against it. Instead, I see everyone complying with the changes, and I hear a few people murmur about how they are not happy with the changes, but that is normal in a town like Fort Langley. I have now lived in this town for nearly twenty years, and most of that time the town has stayed in stagnation, with few changes to it’s overall look. Only in the last five years has change really taken off in and around town. Fort Langley is the Fraser Valley’s best kept secrete as the jewel of the Valley, and possibly the Lower Mainland itself–everyone seems to fall in love with it, and say they want to move here, when they see it for the first time.

One Thought on “Fort Langley’s Newest Development Takes Seed

  1. PANG! That is the sound of my heart feeling a little homesick as I will miss the old Fort Langley and the camping feel of it. It will become like all the other towns save for the one street with the shops I guess. I won’t miss the cold nights in a cramped motor home at all, but I will miss the sense of low income people living the best they could. I will even miss the rural sound of the train. I hope everyone in the trailer park finds great new living opportunities somehow even though that’s a big wish. Thanks for the update on our old stomping grounds! 😀

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