A Monday that Feels Like a Saturday – Shutterbug!

Yes, I know, it is Monday, but for me it feels like Saturday. I put in fours hours at my work because it is still very slow there, and I was hoping that I could book off early anyways because there were a bunch of things that I wanted to do today, so all is good from that point of view. Around 5:00pm I took my camera bag and started to explore the forest that I live near. I wanted to take some wide angle shots of the huge trees that are near my place. It is nice to have time to just go out and shot with my cameras.

The Fern At Sunset April 29 2013 sm image

There are a lot of trees where I live. I am surrounded by them. To the East of me, there are about twenty hectares of forest up on the hill, and to the North, another ten. The big tree that is right by my driveway was obviously planted by the property owner as this species is not native to this land, and  does not quite fit in with the other huge trees.

Trees in Fort Langley April 29 2013 sm image

Both the above image , and this next one down, are shots using my 14mm wide angle lens. It has been a while since I took that lens out of my camera bag.

The Lonely Tulip April 29 2013 sm image

To end this post off, I took a couple of shot of the “lonely tulip” with the 14mm lens. Regrettably, being so late in the day, no sunlight falls here at this spot after high-noon. What is freaky about this shot, however, is that I am only 60cm from the building, and yet I see both edges of both walls-awesome lends eh? I also need to point out that with this lens, I have to shoot in manual mode, so focusing accurately on close-up objects, in low light, is a super challenge.

I guess tomorrow is a second Monday? Arg….

2 Thoughts on “A Monday that Feels Like a Saturday – Shutterbug!

  1. Nice photos. Our pink and purple tulip “couple” aren’t open like your red “lonely” tulip. It almost looks like a poppy instead of a tulip. 😀

  2. I do not know if what I have is in fact a tulip? LOL.

    You need to post shots of your flowers. Get your blog going Sheri!

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