Red Maples in May

Yay, it is May. Already the start of the brand new month is off with a blast of great weather, and excellent shooting conditions for taking those nature shots. I have this medium size red maple tree right by my place, and the leaves look kind of orange, so this was my next candidate for shooting. Actually, the leaves are between a green and red colour. I waited for the Sun to get in the right spot, and I took these shots.

Fort Langley Spring Trees May 1 2013 sm image

Above, taken with a 30mm lens, and below, with my 14mm.

Fort Langley Spring Trees 01 May 1 2013 sm image

One of the comments I got on Twitter, when I posted these shots there, was that these leaves look like marijuana plant leaves. I can guarantee that this is a red maple tree! Anyway, according to my landlord, these leaves will become completely red in a couple of weeks.

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