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It is the end of an era here in Fort Langley. With Lombardy Campground (trailer park) closing at the end of the month, so too is its laundromat which is located on the same property. I took this photo of the sign, hand written by the owner, and posted on the door to the facility, this morning when I did my laundry. The laundromat will close on May 26, 2013, in just three short weeks from today.

Fort Laundromat Closing - Photo Taken May 5 2013 small image

The sign says, “Sunday, Mar 26th will be the last day this laundromat will be open for business. We appreciated your patronage throughout the years. Thank you!”

The owner came in to do some cleaning in the laundromat when I was ready to leave there. I stayed for about half an hour longer as we chatted, catching up on all the developments and telling each other what our plans are as we all continue on in our lives post laundromat closure. I think the mode is quite good as we all realized that Fort Langley was changing very rapidly now, losing it’s little village quality, and that this was the time to move on and except that the village will noon be gobbled up by the adjoining communities. I hope that we will all keep in touch with each other as we move forward, and grow and prosper, in our new homes.

I have many fond (and tragic) memories of the laundromat. I will miss the place, and the people that I have met there.

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  1. Yes, I will miss this laudromat (thank you for knowing it’s laundrOmat and not “laundrymat” as that’s a pet peeve!). I would typically do my laundry here on Friday afternoons and get the weekly grocery sales flyers at the same time. Sometimes, I would find a surprise treat on the table such as someone giving away great new glossy magazines. I would always scoop these freebies up, then make sure to bring in my own magazines there when I was finished with them. I will miss the old, reliable Maytag at the back which I used because it was good and a lot cheaper than the shiny new machines. On many laundry Fridays, I would go for a walk around beautiful Fort Langley while waiting for my clothes. This was so nice and I’ll always remember the park by the river and all the quaint houses and scenery up by the estates with the horses. Fish and chips from the Fort Fish and Chips or pizza from Jim’s Pizza or a cheeseburger from the 50s cafe with the mini juke boxes on the tables (oh what is the actual name of it?) would often be my dinner after doing the laundry. Sometimes though, it wasn’t so fun trudging through ice and snow to get to the laundromat a few times for washer, dryer and pick up. Once I dropped some of my clothes in the dirt and had to rewash. I’ll always remember this laundromat and having to actually go outside back and forth — and some people complain about having to go down to their basement!

  2. I believe that the restaurant is called: “The 50s, 60s Restaurant”? BRB…

    OK, I just checked Google, LOL, it is called, “Cafe Planet Java 50s.” I actually did a post on it two years ago, (June 2011) with photos.

    “Lunch with Mother: Planet Java 50s Cafe”

    Thanks Sheri for the post. …and yes, I have spelled it with a “Y” instead of an “O” in the past. It was in sheer ignorance. :s But have since learned the ways of my intellectual friends, Grammar Girl, wherever she might be now.

  3. Thanks, Thomasso for the reply and name of that restaurant plus the link to your past post on it. I’ll click on it and leave a comment there. 😀 At least you know now about the laundrymat/laundromat usage. We all have to learn and correct — even if we are “intellectuals.” For me, it was perogative/prerogative.

  4. Oh, the comments are closed on that post, of course, but I read it. Ah hah, now I remember the “Planet Java” part. I would see those two words on my bank statement occasionally for my debit card purchases and sometimes forget that it was that 50’s cafe. I also liked the Elvis Burger, but would order it with onion rings instead of fries. They made good onion rings there. It’s funny that during the four years I lived near there, I never sat down at a table. I always got my order to go as yes, I usually had to get back to my laundry. Before I moved there though, I took my daughter there and we sat at one of the juke box tables and enjoyed decadent ice cream sundaes.

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